Our Privacy Policy states how we gather and process your data, including your personal details, and how we use cookies.

General information

This is a privacy policy for the following website:

  1. The Service Operator and Data Administrator is
  2. The Service Operator’s email address is:
  3. The Service Operator is also your Data Administrator with regards to data freely disclosed by you on this website.
  4. We may process personal data in the following ways:
    to answer questions sent via the Contact Form
  5. The website collects information about its users and their behaviour in the following ways:
    Through data provided freely in contact forms, stored in the Operator’s database systems,
    Through cookie files (cookies) saved in the User’s terminal equipment.

The operator’s data protection mechanisms

  1. Log-ins and data entry points are protected by Transport Layer Security (SSL certificate), therefore all personal and log-in details are encrypted on the user’s device and can be read only on the target server.
  2. Your data is also protected by regular updates to the data processing software used by the Operator, in particular updates to programming components.


  1. The website is hosted by the Operator’s server:
  2. Hosting company data: H88 S.A, Franklina Roosevelta 22, 60-829 Poznań, registered with National Court Register, District Court Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda, VIII Economic Department of the National Court register under No 0000612359, National Official Business Register Number (REGON) 364261632 , Unique Tax Reference Number (NIP) 7822622168, share capital PLN210000.00 fully paid up.
  3. For more information about the hosting and the hosting company Privacy Policy please visit:
  4. The hosting company provides the following data security means:
    data loss protection (drive arrays, regular data backup),
    protection of processing points against fire (special fire extinguishing systems)
    appropriate protection systems against sudden power failure (dual power paths, power generators, voltage maintenance system UPS),
    limited accessibility of data processing points (access control, monitoring),
    relevant environment conditions for servers as data processing devices elements (regular check-ups, special air-conditioning systems),
    appointed Data Protection Ombudsman
  5. To ensure technical reliability, the hosting company records activity logs on the server. Data which might be recorded include:
    resources identified with URL (website and file addresses),
    time of receiving questions,
    time of sending answers,
    client station name – identification via http protocol,
    information about errors occurring during http transaction,
    URL address of a previous website visited by User (referer link) if the website is accessed via a reference link,
    information about the User’s browser,
    User’s IP address information,
    diagnostic information regarding requesting services via the website recorders.

Your rights and additional information about data processing

  1. Under certain circumstances, particularly if it is necessary to fulfil the conditions of an agreement between you and the Administrator, the Service Administrator reserves the right to pass on your personal data to third parties, including:
    authorised employees and cooperators using the data in order to achieve the goals of the website.
  2. Your personal data will only be processed by the Administrator for as long as required for the legal purposes as described by separate regulations ( e.g. for bookkeeping). For marketing purposes your data will be processed for no longer than 3 years.
  3. You have the right to request:
    access to your personal data,
    rectification of inaccurate personal data,
    removal of your personal data,
    limitation of processing your personal data,
    moving your personal data.
    You have the right to object to the data processing as described in point 3.3 c) with regards to data processing for the purposes of legally justified interests of the Administrator, including profiling, however the right might not be executed, if important and legally justified grounds for data processing shall occur, such as paramount interests, rights and freedoms, particularly with regards to establishing, recovery or protection of claims.
    If the Administrator’s activity is subject to a complaint. It should be addressed to Data Protection Officer, Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa.
    The disclosure of personal data is not obligatory, but essential for the provision of a user-friendly service.
    Automated decision-making might be used during your activity on the website, including profiling aimed at meeting the provisions of the agreement or for direct marketing purposes.
    Your personal data is passed on to third countries as specified by the provisions of the Data Protection Act, which means we do not pass your data outside the EU.

Contact form information

  1. Data provided by the User, including personal details, provided they are disclosed, are gathered by the website Administrator.
  2. The website might record your connection parameters (time, IP address)
  3. Under certain circumstances, the website might record information enabling them to link the data provided in the Contact Form with the email address of the User. The User’s email address will then appear inside the URL address of the Contact Form site.
  4. Details provided in the Contact Form are processed to the extent required by the Contact Form, e.g. for service maintenance, business contact or registration of services. The description and context of each Contact Form clearly states its purpose.

Activity logs
Data on Users’ behaviour on the website might be logged and used for administrative purposes.

Marketing technologies
The Operator uses website traffic data monitoring via Google Analytics (Google Inc., USA). The Operator does not pass on personal details, but anonymised data through the use of cookies on the User’s device. Your preferences stored by Google advertising network through the use of cookies can be viewed and edited under the following address:


  1. The website uses cookie files.
  2. Cookie files (so called “cookies”), are IT data, particularly text files, stored in the User’s device for the purpose of using the service’s websites. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, time of their storage on the User’s device and a unique number.
  3. Cookie files are placed on the User’s device and accessed by the Service Operator.
  4. Cookie files are used for the following purposes:
    to maintain the User’s session (after logging-in) so it is not necessary to enter log-ins and passwords on each subpage of the service;
    to achieve the goals described above in the Marketing Technologies section;
    The website uses two main types of cookies – so called “session” and “persistent” cookies. Session cookies are intermittent and are stored on the User’s device until logging-out, leaving the website or closing the browser. Persistent cookies are stored on the User’s device for a period of time as set in the cookie files parameters or until they are removed by the User.
    Your browser usually automatically permits saving of cookies on your device. Users can change the automatic cookie settings, delete or block them. For details visit the help section or documentation of your browser.
    Restrictions to cookie policy may affect some of the website functionalities.
    Cookie files stored in the User’s device might also be used by companies cooperating with the Service Operator, Google (Google Inc., USA), Facebook (Facebook Inc., USA), and Twitter (Twitter Inc., USA) in particular.
    Managing cookies – how to give and withdraw consent
    In order to withdraw cookie consent you can change the settings of your browser. Switching off cookies responsible for authentification, security and User preferences might impede or disable access to the website content.
    To manage cookie settings choose your browser from the list below and follow the relevant instructions:
    Internet Explorer
    or for mobile devices:
    Safari (iOS)
    Windows Phone

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